Week N Gamerz

Week N Gamerz are the gaming video creator whose main purpose is to bring the gaming experience at its best and reviewing the games for the users to engage in their personal times.
We will be covering the major gaming consoles mainly in Mobile games and PC games as main priority.

It was started for a good cause that it will make the youngsters busy with gaming and not indulge in committing crimes and other bad things in the society, providing CSR programs to support upcoming younger generation with gifts prizes and lot more.


How to Register for the Game

We are giving free entry for all the players by following certain steps below to enroll the friendly game planned in the coming week.

  • Follow our Facebook Page “Week N Gamerz” and take a screenshot of it.
  • Subscribe to our YouTube Channel “Week N Gamerz” and take a screenshot of it.
  • Now share us your information below along with the two screenshots.
    • Name:
    • Phone Number : (WhatsApp)
    • Email Id:
    • CODM User id:
    • Two Screenshots from FaceBook and YouTube Channel
  • Send us these details to our email id: “[email protected].com” and we will share the Room Code on the day of Participation.
    By sending us the acknowledgement, we consider that you are following all the terms and conditions accordingly and there should not be any foul plays or unethical behaviors.

You can register below by submitting your information


Use this same nick name in match room.

To confirm your registration, share the screenshots to [email protected]

Week N Gamerz have taken initiative to host a CSR program to engage the younger generation to give the opportunity to become future professional gamers giving platform to show case their talents. We hereby receive acknowledgement from the players to play fair and clean game adhering to the rules decided by the organizers

We have the rights to make decision for the game events and results which should be agreed by the individual players. Also we will be using your contact information to reach out to you for further events. Organizers will not be responsible for any acts of unethical behaviour and does this event for the betterment of the individual.

I here by, acknowledge to the terms and conditions mentioned by the organizers and follow the rules of the games.

Rules of the Game

All the players should follow the below game rules and adhere to it strictly and if the organizers find any player not following the rules, we will have the rights to remove the player from the game zone immediately.

  • All the players should be in Deaf and Dumb mode, No Mic or Speaker should be on.
  • Players of all ranking can participate in the Battle Royal Mode
  • Battle Royal Single TPP mode one round up to Maximum 100 Players
  • Bots and Hackers are not allowed, if found in between game then the player will be removed from the friendly tournament rules.
  • Players should use the same COD user id as given to us in the email submission for free entry.
  • Organizers decision will be final in making effective steps in all aspects.
  • Rules can be finalized and updated before the start of the game.
  • Players should be punctual on the day of the event, preferably 10 mins before the start of the game.

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